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“Let Me Give You The Missing Pieces To Double, Triple or Quadruple Your eCommerce Business Profits In The Next 12 Months...For Free”

Dear Entrepreneur,

I want to personally congratulate you on taking action to exponentially scale your business without spending more money in marketing.

Because I am so confident that this will grow your sales and profits faster than anything you have seen before, I’m going to put up $1,000 in my time to prove it.

I’m Charles Kirkland and I help clients turn $1 into $9 consistently and repeatedly. I’m sure you agree that's a deal you would take every day.

Here’s How It Works.

First, we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, and analyze your target market, sales processes and goals with you.

Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll develop a custom strategic growth plan specifically for you…FREE!

We’re going to do this for your specific business and growth goals. It will be a custom designed strategic growth plan to bring in immediate money, along with some more longer term strategies.

This takes between 40 to 90 minutes for us to do together. There’s no charge because I know that by providing value up front is the fastest way to attract my dream clients.

Everything we discuss is specifically tailored for YOUR business. We’ll take a look at your sales process, competitors and your sales goals going forward.

Once we’ve done this we’ll help you come up with a strategic plan of action to immediately increase your profits dramatically.

There Are A Number Of Ways We Might Do This For You.

For example, we might show you

How to revamp your offer to make it convert to bring in more buyers
How to attract high ticket clients that pay you more (for the very same product or service you’re selling now)
How to get your current buyers to make bigger purchases and come back more often
How to reactivate past clients

And like I said, there’s no charge for this.

What You Can Expect From Our Consultation.

Clarity. On our initial call I'll help diagnose the roadblocks and bottlenecks keeping you from achieving your business goals. Often we can’t see the forest for the trees.

You need to be completely open and transparent about your business. Everything we say will be 100% confidential. If I can't help your business, I will let you know up front. This will be one of the most valuable times you spend on your business all year.

Roadmaps. Together on the call we will create a growth roadmap to help you lay out a plan for your business. The roadmaps we use are very detailed and will require you to follow directions.

Every fast growth business has a roadmap in place. My goal is to help you uncover hidden assets in your current business plus help you get more leads, more clients, and more profit in a shorter amount of time without driving yourself crazy. 

Action Plan. We will outline the challenges and the resources needed to succeed. I will help you identify any traps that your business could fall into.

This Is The Closest Thing To Free Money You’ll Ever See.

Once you see the value in the strategic growth plan and the potential to work with me for long-term to help engineer growth in your business, I might invite you to become a VIP consulting client.

My fee starts at $7,999 per month, but when you think about it it really doesn’t cost you anything.


Because I expect to make you more than triple that every month.

Plus, everything we do will compound leading to a business that potentially doubles at the end of 12 months.

You get a strategic action plan to make more than $7,999 during our first conversation which is free. Before we get off the zoom call you’ll see the value.

And if for some unlikely reason you don’t want to become a VIP client, don’t worry. I’m never going to sound like a used car salesman trying to close you.

We will create a customized game plan that is designed specifically for your business and growth goals.

"When it comes to traffic generation and staying on the cusp of the things that work with media buying, Facebook, and PPC, Charles Kirkland is the guy I go to and trust the most."

Todd Brown

Marketing Funnel Automation

This Is Not For Everyone.
Here's Who I Can Help And What's Required.

IMPORTANT: We’re giving away over $1,000 worth of our resources and time for this session… so to be 100% transparent, it’s not for everyone. To qualify for the Growth Strategy Consultation you must meet these requirements:

You must have an established business.

If your business is just getting started, please contact us for a more appropriate program.

You must be the decision maker in the business.

Because I value your time as much as mine, I require that when we talk that all the key decision-makers are on the call.

You must be willing to invest in marketing and advertising.

You have to be open and willing to try new things to grow and scale your business. If you are afraid to spend money for advertising, this is not a good fit.

You should be making around mid 6 to 7 figures minimum already.

We don’t work with biz opp, get-rich-quick or beginners.

You must already have a steady flow of leads and customers.

This means you’re getting consistent traffic and making sales. You’re also running ads to promote your products.

You absolutely must have an email list.

It doesn’t have to be big, just responsive.

You must really care about the results your clients and customers get.

Because everything we do is geared around you making more money by providing value to your target market, you must be legit.

Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland

We only have a limited number of opportunities available. Book a time before your competition beats you to it.

There are a variety of digital marketing strategies for growing your business, but the problem is determining which one works best for you.

Every day there seems to be a brand new hack, tip, or strategy promising massive rewards for very little work.

It is truly overwhelming.

Here is the problem. Unless you follow a custom-tailored plan, you end up wasting money with nothing to show for it.

Because we have worked with so many businesses, we have narrowed down the 5 things that turn average businesses into market leaders.

Following our proprietary M5 process we can diagnose your business and show you what needs to happen to become the market leader.

Once we implement the M5 process in your business, you see dramatic results from digital marketing.

​You will gain confidence knowing that your sales pipeline has a predictable and consistent flow of higher quality leads.

We’ll create a strategic plan to dramatically improve your market results, increase lead flow and play to your unique strengths. 

You will be getting a complete, customized breakdown of a step-by-step process to drive your business forward.