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For years other marketers have been asking me how I create amazing campaigns that scale for my clients. 

Over the next few emails I’m going to lay everything out step-by-step.

And what's most shocking is that paid advertising is the least important part of the entire process. 

This is what separates the 8, 9 and 10 figure businesses from the 6 and 7 figure businesses.

If you don’t get everything else right, then your funnel and traffic will be a total waste of time. 

But when you have everything else dialed in, hockey stick growth becomes easy. 

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Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland

Phase 1:  Why your offers don’t scale.

What you are about to learn is how to create offers that take struggling businesses from 6 to 7, 8, and 9 figures.

This is the secret that has built D2C power houses and you are about to get a look into how you can do the same.

If this is what everybody wants, then why is it so hard to build an offer that scales?

To answer will take multiple emails over the next week.

If you learn and apply what I am about to share with you, you will be ahead of 99% of your competition.

You’ll be able to scale offers to ice cold traffic and have it convert.
You’ll be able to use paid advertising without burning cash like a Vegas gambler.
You’ll be able to build a moat that your competition can’t cross.

These are some huge claims, but stick with me and read each email. In this example I’m going to focus on eCommerce.

What you are about to learn will apply to any business.

Winning in business is about redefining the rules, innovating, and engineering growth.


Scaling is 90% science and 10% art. Before you buy your first click you must have a few other things in place. And it all starts with the offer.

Step 1:  Market focus vs Product focus

Before we dig into your plan for world-wide product domination we have to understand what market focus vs product focus really means.

In fact, most seasoned entrepreneurs, brands and marketers don’t really understand this core concept.

Market focus:
Examining a market to understand the driving force and how that will impact your business. Or, in other words, what does the market want and what are they willing to buy?  These are called new offers.

Product focus: Looking at how to make your products better. It's a never-ending process of improvement that will create competitive advantages. These are called improvement offers.

While these definitions are over-simplifications, I want you to be able to wrap your mind around the difference.

Most offers are product focused improvement offers which is the hardest thing to sell.

It's hard to get people excited about fixing something.

Don’t believe me....look at this.

Do you want to repair/improve your ______ or would you like a new ______.

Insert any word into the blanks and ask that question again. Human nature drives all sales and we want new over improved.

We are driven by new things. Nobody cares if it's better. But everybody loves what's new!

Your first step is to recognize the difference between these polar opposites.

Look at a few examples to drive home the impact of what you just learned.

Niche: Vitamins

Do you want to buy the same old chalky tasting Flintstones vitamins?

Or do you want to buy the fruit flavored gummy bear vitamins?
Niche: Vitamins

Do you want to buy the same old chalky tasting Flintstones vitamins?

Or do you want to buy the fruit flavored gummy bear vitamins?
Niche: Cars

Do you want to buy the same gas power Ford Mustang that has had the same body style for 7 years?

Or do you want the electric powered Ford Mustang that looks nothing like a Mustang?

Do you see how this works for everything from $5 bottles of gummy bear vitamins to $50,000 plus cars?

If you launch a product focused improvement offer in your market you will always struggle to scale regardless of the quality of your marketing. You will work 10x harder for a lot less profit.

But when launching a marketing focused new offer it's much easier. You don’t need the same level of marketing to scale it to the moon.

Now go back and look at offers that scaled.

PooPourri is not air freshener; it makes people think your poop doesn't stink.

RedBull is not a soft drink. It's a new energy drink.

I hope your head has not exploded yet, because we are just getting started. Make sure you watch for my next installment.

Once you finish this email mini-course you will have the keys to unlock sales and growth like billion dollar clients.

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